me Since the wii age of 5 I have always been fasinated in video games. I would spend most of my time in arcades and local laundry mats standing on a milk crate just to be tall enough to see the screen. I knew that this was my destiny. Before technology became what it is today I would fill many sketch books up with doodles, designs and anything i could think of. If there were no sketchbooks around i would turn to walls, sidewalks and fences. Surprisingly my mom didn't mind so much! (thanks for all your love and support mom.) I always had to have the newest and best console system out there, I guess you could say that i've been an avid gamer for over 25 years.

In my teenage years is when I seriously got into computers, being an apple user limited my learning of game development and 3d software, so I made the switch to PC and started learning Maya, 3dsmax, and Zbrush. Now 3d/2d art has become my career, hobby, and overall passion!

I believe my skills to be strongest in organic and hard surface modeling/texturing. Becoming proficient in 3dsmax and ZBrush I am able to produce anything that I can put my mind to. The most exciting part of creating artificial life is seeing the amounts of detail and the power of Zbrush and its capabilities. When a character is created and then rigged, seeing it come to life with believable animation and realistic dynamic properties is the most rewarding.

I think i've rambled on enough, email me if you want to throw down some crazy ideas, or just to say what up!

PS: I love playing guitar, traditional painting, being outside, and hanging with my family!